Clare Juliette’s Online

Mystical Mastery Healer Training   

How to use magic to heal yourself & others

Use Supernatural Forces From The Metaphysical To Be An Exceptional Space Holder

Online Video Study at Home with PDF Work Book

With your certificate of completion you will be eligible for professional therapist Insurance with a top world wide Insurance company. 

What is in this Training?

Brought to you by Clare J Founder & Facilitator

Bonus 1: How to get your first clients quickly and easily
How to set up your practise in a few hours. Set up your new holistic practise quickly and easily and how to get your first paying clients. 

Bonus 2: Practical sessions X20
Full library of guided practical sessions. Breath work, self connection, self healing and embodied mastery await. Chakra set: 7 sessions, going through and unblocking each chakra. Plus 13 guided journey’s to help you navigate the shamanic metaphysical. Know where you are going, connect with ancient spirit masters and find your mystical mastery.

Module 1: Step Into Your Power & New Vibration.
How to use magic to be the best healer in 3 easy steps!

Module 2: Super Coaching
How to be a Super Conscious Heart Coach
Self Healing Cycle To Make You A Super Coach

Module 3: Metaphysics (understanding unseen forces).
Understanding of source energy & how it comes through human consciousness. 

Module 4: How to Shamanic Journey Very Well
How to hone an ancient art of journeying and turn your practice into mystical master.

Module 5: New Language.
Dream analysis and translating a mystical reading

Module 6: Readings.
Learn Divination and how to give a mystical reading to yourself or another.

Module 7: Healings, holding space for others to heal
How to give a Sacred Healing. Somatic release for the body, cognitive shifts for the mind & Messages & Healing from Spirit. & How to not take on others energy when healing.


How do you get really good at Intuitive Heart Consciousness & Somatic Psychic Healing?

What will you get out of this wisdom?

You will be able to:

Understand messages from spirit

Make good and clear life choices

Support healing self and others

Understanding yourself and your super powers

Clearer understanding of the unseen world

Shift your consiousness & feel your souls voice

Become the Best Healer You Can Be!


A unique experience for every single soul


I spend 24 years on a healing journey to understand and alchemise my autoimmune disease. It was ruining my life and effecting me so much day to day. Shamanic Transformation was the 1 thing that finally worked and set me free.

I like to be simple. Simplicity is mastery. The journey of a shamanic practitioner is a self healing one, as well as holding space for others. 

You will get clear practical instruction and into the body real tangible experiences.

Even if you are not visual and can’t be hypnotised. I will guide you into your unique way to connect to spirit.

I clearly define what you want to be looking for and exactly what to do.


Connecting to your own land is very important, we are all children of mother earth and it doesn’t matter where and how we all started. I have studied Celtic Medicine wheel, Norse traditions and the Runes, Peruvian Shamanism from the Andes and the Amazon and I also use Sanskrit and mantra in my work. I like to honour each culture and hold each practice sacredly in my heart. So if you take any of my further teachings you are invited to bless and pray on the land where you live. I also encourage you to travel to any land that calls you and have direct teachings and healings.

I have studied & assisted this energy medicine for over 10 years. It is important for me to keep connected with this energy and honour the roots and the wisdom keepers of the work. If you would like a session online with any Don Meaestro /Meaestra or any of the Q’ero Paqos priests please DM and we can assist you in that.

The Q’ero Paqos Priests in This Photo:

Don Sebastian, Don Hannan, Don Mariano, Don Cloudio & Don Terra



Mother, Sacred Space holder, Heart IQ Coach & Group Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner, Somatic Psychic 

I specialise in Alchemy and Understanding Life. I am the founder of the school of healing Shamanic Directions and creator of the Self Healing Cycle, a unique 4-Step Formula for Trauma Transformation.

I am guiding myself & others to depths of awareness and self healing using my hearts wisdom, I have studied various cultures and bring it all into my unique flavour.

Over the last 11 years I have immersed myself deeply into the world of shamanic teachings, psychic development and embodiment. 

My spiritual story begins very young at age 9 when I was diagnosed with autoimmune and in hospital for a long period of time. I worked with energy, healing myself with colours as a child with no idea what I was doing until studying it all in my teens. I am devoted to shamanic energies and live my life as embodied and presently as I can, in tune with nature and all of mother earths creations.

I look forward to connecting with you deeper.

I hope you join me for the journey.


Hear from current participants

Wow, I had 15 mins sitting and called in the directions and elements as shown and I had the quickest connection I’ve ever experienced with 3 great messages received.

Kerry Witherspoon

Clare was such an amazing teacher and guide and using her deep knowledge and wisdom she taught us the basics of Shamanism. Her beautiful, loving energy brought us all together and the connection to each other in circle was heartfelt, honest and supportive enabling us to open up and express our authentic selves.

Liza Loughnane

I took Clare’s training aimed at the better understanding of shamanic practice- and quite honestly an abundance of information, inspiration and journeying.

Rebecca Bourne

Special Bonus 1:

How to set up your practise within a few hours. 

Get your first clients quickly and easily. It is imperative that you start working and supporting others to see their blinds spots and pass this wonderful work on. Thats why it’s important to me to get you set up as quickly as possible

Special Bonus 2:

20 Practical classes with mystical development & breath work

Breath work now having been scientifically proven to aid autoimmune conditions. Radically benefiting both immune system and nervous system. Your self healing journey will magnetise more clients to you.

REMINDER: You are not expected to be 100% healed. That’s not what healing is. You never get rid of the past, you use it to better your future. Alchemy is the way through to the best you. You will be using your pain as your biggest power. Don’t be put off by any limiting beliefs. This journey will bring you to self trust, letting go of all that self doubt and negative talk forever. 

Content Satisfaction Guarantee

If you learn nothing new from this training. Your money back!

30 day money back guarantee

It’s so important for me to give YOU VALUE!

That’s why I am so sure you will have so many take aways from this training.

Basic Version Does NOT Include any of the Bonus:
Bonus practical sessions
Bonus Workbook
How to get your first clients quickly & easily without paid ads
How to set up your practice and invoice clients