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3 Secret’s to Super Psychic

Trust Your Intuition EVEN IF you are NOT VISUAL

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The Fastest Way to Drop Self Doubt. Ready to Trust Your Intuition 100%

There are 3 Psychic Channels, Kinaesthetic (body) Auditory (sound) Visual (minds eye)
Those that are not visual first assume they are not Psychic

You ARE you just have a different receiver

What I’ll be covering in this 1 hour masterclass

A big misunderstanding about mystical abilities & shamanic practitioners.

What Most Holistic Therapies are Missing!


3 Secrets to Psychic Success 

Secret 1: How to connect to source every time
Secret 2: How to be a super coach, using simple self healing cycle
Secret 3: How to combat self doubt and get lasting results



Everything you’re about to get


Supercharge your psychic into Mystical Master


What i'll be covering!


3 Key secrets to MYSTICAL MASTERY!


#1 How to tune your mystical channels


#2 How to turn ON your mystic


#3 How to hone your mystical receiver


I cover misconceptions about psychic ability


Even if you are not visual, and can't be hypnotised, your 6th sense is still there


I'm not visual and this didn't come easy to me, so I explain it from the perspective of someone who finds this challenging.


If you are visual, you may feel like you disconnect at times and it's not as easy. I show you how to change this.


Save time in wasted hours trying to get mystical on your own

When you join Masterclass today, you will learn so much you will want to take the class again! This masterclass will change your life.

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Jenny Hawkins

Had a fantastic masterclass experience, opened up some path ways to a more peaceful existence.

Mike Rogers

Now I can actually shamanic journey and trust what I get. Thank you so much! 

Violet Sinclair

About your guide and facilitator

Clare Juliette

I specialise in consciousness expansion. My entire life has been in devotion to this.

Specifically over the last 11 years I have immersed myself deeply into the world of shamanic teachings, psychic development and embodiment. Getting my students to reach their potential in record time. Through my online trainings, regular workshops, classes and 1:1 sessions.

My spiritual story begins very young at age 9 when I was tragically ill and in hospital for a long period of time. I worked with energy, healing myself with colours as a child with no idea what I was doing until studying it all in my teens. I am devoted to shamanic energies and live my life as embodied and presently as I can, in tune with nature and all of mother earths creations.

I look forward to connecting with you deeper.

I hope you join me for the journey.

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