Shamanic Healer Certification 


Ancestral Lines
Family & Relationship Alchemy

Peace, Acceptance, Perspective & Wisdom

Understanding all that IS

Alchemy & Integration

The Sage





What’s Included


You will be able to get insurance with your certificate of completion

Ancestral Karma & FamilyLines

Ancestral & Family Healing
Multi Dimensionally 

Family & Relationships

How to break contracts from your past to serve your present

Clare J

East Eagle & Condor

Shamanic Training


The Wise Sage &
Shamanic Healing Master Practitioner

What is the East is going to teach you

This direction is about perspective
This direction is where you come home to self

Gliding in life with ease grace and bliss

Trusting your worth so that you never sell yourself short again

You value yourself and your own hearts truth 

Learn the Shamanic Shift to alter reality across the multiverse


Module Breakdown

Direction East,

Corner of Consciousness PROSTITUTE

Archetype Eagle / Condor

Brought to you by Clare J Founder & Facilitator

You will learn:

Module 1: Aligning you to the psychic energies of the East

Module 2: Multiverse Metaphysics 
Understanding Time Space 

Module 3: Ancestral Lines / Contracts & Ownership
Your Khuya’s – Sacred Carriers

Module 4: Be do have 
Trusting Your Worth 

Module 5: Burials
Cocoon into the Butterfly 

Module 6: Your Consciousness
Radical Responsibility  

Module 7: Energetic Contracts 
Working with the Galactic Council 

Module 8: Self development tools and techniques
Owning Your Worth
How to explore the pioneer 
Why Should You Live Experiment 

Module 9: Ancestral & Contract Healings
Learn Multi Dimensional Shamanic Healing


How to get your first clients quickly and easily without needing paid ads or flyers.
How to start up simple and professionally, with clear registration forms and taking payments, without needing a complicated website.

BONUS X2 FOR ALL: PDF Workbook to help you get the best out of this course. Glossary of Quechua Language and spellings (Inca Descended Language) and terminology to align you with the vibration of the Apu’s.


How do you get really good at Shamanic Journeying?

What will you get out of this wisdom?

You will be able to:

Understand messages from spirit

Make good and clear life choices

Support healing self and others

Understanding yourself and your super powers

Clearer understanding of the unseen world

Shift your consiousness & feel your souls voice

Ready to make a difference?

Shamanic healing is a unique process that alchemises and shifts blocks on all levels. Mind Body and Soul.

It unwinds stuck energy, trauma and disease, somatically from the body. combats stories and re-writes limiting beliefs in the mind and brings messages from the higher self, for complete healing.

This was the only therapy that worked for my autoimmune condition because I could understand the process.

As healers that's what we want for others, to serve in the fullest way possible.

If you are ready to support and guide others to your fullest capabilities. This is for you.

Really make a difference.

Facilitator Clare J

I specialise in Clarity. I am the founder of Embodied Mystic and creator of the Self Healing Cycle a unique 4-Step Formula for Trauma Transformation and Cognitive Reset.

I am guiding my clients to depths of self awareness and self healing.

I guide and teach you how to master your own reality free from pain, by accepting what is. Understanding all feelings and how to move with the truth.

Discovering my hearts depth, for me was like a massive awakening, as if my life finally made sense. Having experienced shifts in all areas of my life I am now passionate about sharing the magic of hearts wisdom with my clients and anyone wanting to learn more themselves.

I have highly developed clairsentience, so I can sense energy beyond the physical, I’m so sensitive to emotions and feelings to the point of extrasensory perceptions. My life’s purpose is to help others get in touch with their authentic feelings through working with me, which opens up channels to their own subconscious wisdom.


1st BA Hons Degree ALRA

Psychic Shamanic Healing, from Germanic Teachings & Runes, Shipibo Influences & Q'ero Andean Teachings

Gateway, South, West, North, East, Masters (total 7 years shamanic training)

Q'ero Haton Karpay, Nustas, Wilka Mayu Karpay, Southern Cross x4 Q'ero MESAS

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Thought Field Therapy TFT (Tapping)

Life Coaching Diploma

Couples Coaching Heart IQ

Heart IQ Group Retreat Facilitator

Hear It From Others

Having been to the equinox fire ceremony, women’s circle and 2 trainings I’ve seen first hand the dedication and professionalism that Clare brings to all of her healing work, she gives over time and knowledge to everyone in an easy to understand way and gives the background to practices not just the healing. Clare is excellent at what she does… Highly recommended

Vicky Jane

I attended the training days with Clare what an amazing experience. it was just the right amount of information to process without being overwhelmed. Clare is a fabulous teacher and I look forward to doing the other directions and continuing with her in the future.

Sharon Wells

I took Clare’s training aimed at the better understanding of self- and quite honestly an abundance of information, inspiration and journeying.

Rebecca Boune

Clare was such an amazing teacher and guide and using her deep knowledge and wisdom she taught us the basics of Shamanism. Her beautiful, loving energy brought us all together and the connection to each other in circle was heartfelt, honest and supportive enabling us to open up and express our authentic selves.

Liza Loughnane

Wow, I had 15 mins sitting and called in the directions and elements as shown and I had the quickest connection I’ve ever experienced with 3 great messages received.

Kerry Witherspoon

From Defeated to Productive Mother Full of Health and Vitality

I owe my health to this beautiful work. I was at my wits end with x3 autoimmune diagnosis. I had ulcerative colitis since age 9. Then hypothyroidism and then an autoimmune form of mastitis.

I had no idea what my body was trying to tell me. Why I was so ill and I didn’t want to be medicated my entire life. So I had shamanic healing and finally understood for the first time in my life. I was not broken or sick, my body was not attacking itself. It just wanted to teach me things and once I’d understood it’s lessons. I came back to full health. I have never been more grateful for anything.

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In Person Retreat



Timings: 10am – 6pm Daily
Manningtree Essex, CO11 2JA

You will need x3 Crystals
Any of your own choice
A Cloth To Become Your MESA If You Don’t Have One Already 


Enrol onto the training!


Life Time of Freedom Peace and Fullfillment 

Most humans search through success to find that part of us that feels unfulfilled or like something is missing. It doesn’t come from success, importance or fame. It comes from connecting to our truth

What you get from this work money can’t buy, it is priceless, because it is a feeling and one can’t put that into monetary value becuase its not a thing. FIND YOURSELF & YOUR TRUTH 

My 100% Money Back Guarantee to You

My guarantee to you is that these teachings, when implemented, will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action, you’ll get results!

What you give to others, you give to yourself.

You have 30 days to claim a full refund and you have to have completed at least Module 1 to be dissatisfied with the content.