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We Work With Mind, Body & Soul. So Your Mind, Body & Energy Body Can Come Into Alignment. 

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Allowing Us As A Community To Love & Accept You On Your Own Way Back To Belonging

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Level 1 Training

Holding Space For Healing £111

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Find out how to hold space for Healing 
Using what you know from sacred space holding
How would you deliver an in person session 

What happens in any sacred space session?

We use embodied presence and somatic tools to safely bring you into the presence of your own body. From here you will be invited into more SPACE for you to feel and discover yourself. You will be simply given, presence and time, to be felt and heard and invited into your body so you can safely feel. Human connection to connect with the essence of yourself is the most powerful tool in self healing.

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Your Self Healing Journey Through The Directions
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Shamanic Directions is a Transformational School Of Healing For Sensitive Beings. Shamanic Directions is a way to learn both simple and advanced space holding tools and techniques for your clients. Learning from Online Courses to Tribal Retreats in Sacred Connection with Others.