Clare J Shaman and

Eloise Stephenson’s

Ecstatic Dance

Embodiment Practices, Partner Connections, Dance

You will be invited into a safe and sacred space, using techniques to regulate your nervous system, bringing you into embodied presence so that you can clearly hear your souls voice. Feel the essence of your body, activate your souls deep desires and free the mind from ALL of the stories.

Invitational Embodiment Experience
Sacred Space Agreements 
Conscious Breath & Sound
Conscious Mind 
Conscious Movement 


Founder of Shamanic Directions

My name is Clare J Shaman and I specialise in Shamanic Medicine Wheel Teachings. I am the founder of Shamanic Directions and creator of the Self Healing Cycle, a unique 4-Step Formula for Trauma Transformation and Cognitive Reset.

I am guiding my clients to higher levels of awareness and self healing using ancient shamanic wisdom.

Over the last 11 years I have immersed myself deeply into the world of shamanic teachings, psychic development and embodiment. Getting my students to reach their potential in record time. Through my medicine wheel empowerment process, retreats and 1:1 shamanic sessions.

My spiritual story begins very young at age 9 when I was tragically ill and in hospital for a long period of time. I worked with energy, healing myself with colours as a child with no idea what I was doing until studying it all in my teens. I am devoted to shamanic energies and live my life as embodied presence, in tune with nature and all of mother earths creations.

I look forward to connecting with you deeper.

I hope you join me for the journey.

My name is Eloise Stephenson and I teach people how to free themselves from the mind to enjoy a fun and more magical approach to life. I do this by applying the ways I’ve overcome physical injuries, personal loss, stories of shame, body confidence and self-esteem using a blend of somatic practices, embodied mindfulness techniques, yoga therapy and plenty more. I have a very tuned in ability to read the energy of the room and respond to the guidance I receive.

Dance for me is an expression of pure freedom, there became a time when I noticed I wasn’t judging myself anymore, so could enjoy the purity of connecting with letting my body move as it wished. Even if it scares me a little at times.

Embodied Dance Nights

Deep dive into yourself and discover more of who you are, hone your potential

Embodiment practices

Self Connection & Inwards Pray

Invitational partner exercises to deepen emotion

The power of group dynamics to heighten sensations

Liberation of the body

Space to notice your physical needs and nourish self


A unique experience for every soul


Remind yourself of who you came here to be. Discover parts that have been forgotten but are longing to be felt and expressed.

Clare and I both have a very fun energy that we spark even more so when we get together, its playful and we bounce off each other. Thats why we naturally magnetised towards each other and wanted to see how coming together to offer something would go. The last trial dance event and other times since have given us some insights into how each other work so we compliment our natural abilities to hold space. 

We would love for you to have a wonderful experience with us too, it is our lifes work to help make you feel as comfortable as possible to lean into your edges and walk away feeling like you’ve expanded and had fun.

Want to join us?


Ecstatic means: ‘feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement’ ‘involving an experience of mystic self-transcendance’ according to the Oxford English dictionary!!!!

According to us, its a way in, obsrving the mind in how it responds and reframing the stories to liberate and set yourself free. Essentially an unwinding of where your blocks are, you can apply this to life in general as you practice meeting the parts of you that surface when challenged a little. The self-development journey is a daily practice for Clare and I, committed to this path and sharing our absolute best wisdom to enhance the collective. We are big picture thinkers with a desire to make life way more fun, especially after the last few years of stuufffffff.


If you have any questions about this event please do email any questions 

Thank you. Love from Clare and Eloise


Hear from current students

So buzzing. I couldn’t get to sleep as I was so excited. Im so grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you so much for organising.

Sue xxx

SUCH a magical evening!!!! How completely wonderful to see that on just one occasion, so many people were drawn to gather and express themselves freely and beautifully in such a safe and magical space created by you. Thank you. Thank you.


Such a beautiful evening, what an incredible turn-out- you and Clare should feel so incredibly proud of yourselves.

Love you lots and have the most beautiful evening bathing in the magic of the evening


Dates and Times

Saturday 13th May 2023

7.30- 9.30pm

The Spratshed

Lime Kiln Quay


IP12 1BD

Early Bird £27

Professional Satisfaction Guarantee

If you get nothing from this experience. Your money back!

Money back guarantee

It’s so important for us to give YOU VALUE!

That’s why we are so sure you will have so many take aways from this ecstatic experience.
You must let Clare J know personally on the night you are not satisfied, for this offer to be applicable. In person, at the end before you leave the event.