Event Information

Location: 45 School Lane, Lawford, CO11 2JA

Parking: Free parking along School Lane or utilize the public car park opposite the venue (car park key provided to bypass closing times).

Train Station: Manningtree From London Liverpool Street

What to Bring:
Lunch for yourself,
Refillable water bottle,
Comfortable clothes for movement
and a journal and pen if you wish to take notes throughout the day.

Event Highlights:
Engage in transformative practices and soul-enriching activities
Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals
Foster personal growth and breakthroughs

Upon arrival, please come down the side of the house to the back garden.

Prepare yourself for a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery and empowerment! I’ve curated each moment to create an unforgettable experience for all participants.

I genuinely can’t wait to welcome you to this remarkable event and witness the positive impact it will have on your life. Get ready to embrace the transformation!

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos will be taken during the event to enable us to share the experience with other like minded souls that could benefit from attending future events.

We will not take photos of any personal breakthroughs or sensitive moments of any person in process to ensure your privacy is protected.

If you have a strong objection to this, please let us know via email before the event. Our email address is shamanicdirections@gmail.com

Cancellation Policy

In the event of having to cancel an appointment or event booking, a distance healing & energetic transmission will be sent at the time or date of your 1:1 or group booking, so that all beings are still receiving what is paid for.

In the case of having to cancel or move an event booking or one to one healing session, 14 days minimum notice of cancellation is required to receive a full refund in an emergency or to change to an alternative date. We don’t have an admin team, staff members or an advanced online booking system. This is why we need as much time as possible to make changes, thank you for understanding. 

A distance energetic transmission will be given if less than 14 days notice is received and no refund.

In short 14 days minimum notice is required for a cancellation. For less than 14 days notice, no refund will be issued and a distance energetic transmission will be sent instead.


Your Satisfaction Guarantee

All Trainings, Workshops and 1:1’s come with a money back satisfaction Guarantee. This means that if the event or training is not for you, you can be in your truth and leave, not being out of pocket. 

If you turn up to an event, decide it is wrong, you will be fully refunded. 

No show’s do not receive any refund. 

If you want to claim your satisfaction guarantee, you must inform the facilitator on the day of the workshop or training. If you leave the event, or venue then this guarantee no longer applies. 

It is not acceptable to enjoy the experience and then change your mind in the coming days, should any transformative work, rock your world and it is difficult to be with. 

Energetic transformation is a journey, therefore please understand notifying & claiming refunds can only be accepted on the day, before you have left or spoken with facilitator.