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Do you have a feeling that you are just different from most people?

It’s Probably Because you are Capable of Magic!

This Video Course Teaches You Real Magic

How to use magic to heal yourself & others

What I’ll be covering in this online course 

Learn How to Self Heal Limiting Beliefs

Understanding Trapped Emotions

The Most Important Overlooked Aspect & KEY To Magic




Unlock the Path to Shamanic Healing and Holistic Mastery

 Explore the world of shamanic healing, learn the art of becoming a holistic practitioner, and discover the secrets of self-healing and magic. Join us on a transformative journey to harness your inner potential.

Intro: Welcome to a realm where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. If you’re passionate about healing, shamanism, holistic practices, or self-discovery through magic, you’ve come to the right place. Our platform is designed to guide you on a profound journey towards becoming a holistic practitioner and unlocking the power of shamanic healing.

Embrace the Shamanic Healing Tradition

Shamanic Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our comprehensive resources dive deep into the world of shamanism, providing you with insights into its history, practices, and the incredible healing potential it offers. Discover how shamanic healing can restore balance and harmony to your life.

Becoming a Shamanic Practitioner

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing path? Learn how to become a shamanic practitioner, mastering ancient techniques, rituals, and ceremonies that have been used for centuries. Our guidance will empower you to facilitate transformation in yourself and others.

Explore Holistic Mastery

Holistic Practitioner Training

Unlock the secrets of holistic healing through our comprehensive training programs. Whether you’re interested in herbal medicine, energy healing, or alternative therapies, our expert guidance will help you become a skilled holistic practitioner.

Self-Healing and Empowerment

Discover the art of self-healing and inner transformation. Our resources and courses will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, enabling you to tap into your innate healing abilities and unleash your full potential.

Dive into the World of Magic

The Magic of Self-Discovery

Explore the mystical world of magic as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Discover spells, rituals, and practices that can empower you to manifest your desires and cultivate a deeper connection with the unseen forces of the universe.

Join Our Community of Seekers

Connect with like-minded individuals on a shared path of self-discovery, healing, and magic. Our community is a supportive space for sharing experiences, insights, and knowledge.

Start Your Journey Today

Whether you’re a novice or experienced practitioner, our platform provides the resources and guidance you need to embark on a transformative journey. Embrace the power of shamanic healing, become a holistic practitioner, and explore the wonders of magic for self-healing and personal growth. Your path to holistic mastery begins here.

Don’t wait any longer; take the first step towards a more empowered and balanced life. Start your journey now and let the magic of self-discovery and healing unfold before you.


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Everything you’re about to get


3 Principles in Magic


How to self heal using unseen forces


Self healing on all levels, mind, body & soul


Become a super coach with the self healing cycle


3 sides of the coin coaching (the secret side of coaching you are never taught)


Turn your pain into your power

Are You Different Compared To Most People?

Get the secrets of unseen forces to understand it all

You will learn so much you will want to take the course again!

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“I got the exact results I was after. I was skeptical at first, but I’m so glad I signed up!”

Jenny Hawkins

Had a fantastic experience, opened up some path ways to a more peaceful existence.

Mike Rogers

Now I can actually shamanic journey and trust what I get. Thank you so much! 

Violet Sinclair

About your guide and facilitator

Clare Juliette

Oh great spirit, may we receive healing in Essex, healing in Suffolk and healing in all of East Anglia. Shamanic Healing be thy vehicle to healing all need your love. The greatest healers are here on this earth right now, spreading energy healing to the people. Changing the way we think with life coaching. Using our minds and the knowledge and wisdom of now in spiritual life coaching to alter the future and consciousness of man, woman and our next generation. Thy Shaman, Thy Shamaness give shamanic healing to the earth to shower universal life force energy through shamanic healing into the physical body, use life coaching for the mind, energy healing and shamanic healing for the soul. We are devoted to you. Bless this poem to bring all those that need shamanic healing to my door. I am the vehicle for self healing, to teach all those how shamanic healing and life coaching can bring peace into their lives. Healing East Anglia, healing Suffolk and healing Essex with incredible power and love. Let shamanic healing be thy guide as we devote our minds to life coaching and lift the lives and futures of ALL! 

Healing Essex, healing Manningtree, healing Colchester, healing Suffolk and healing East Anglia.

Powerful Shamanic Healer & Life Coach Clare J

Life Coaching in person or online. Locations for life coaching in Manningtree, life coaching in Essex, Life coaching in Suffolk, Life Coaching in East Anglia!


My years of expertise and your devotion

If you don’t get the results you expect, simply let me know what you struggle with via email and i’ll get your question resolved.


How long will it take?


There are 7 short modules


You need about 90minutes to complete


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3 Secrets To Empowerment Success

Self Healing Magic